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Religion and Video Games


For whatever reason I have been thinking a lot about religion and video games lately. From my earlier post about Dragon Quest IV to the humanity of the companion cube in Portal and now this week the Extra Credit episode is about choice, free will, and reliogion is Mass Effect 2. Incidentally I haven’t play ME2 because I never did finish ME. Now I am thinking that I may have to bite the bullet and just play the second damn game without finishing the first one. Without further ado…here’s the EC video and for the heathens among you you can find an online searchable version of the bible here. Enjoy!

Teddy Bear as Urban Stereotype?


So I find myself watching a lot more kids’ tv lately since I want to see if stuffs appropriate before Pea watches it. Most of the stuff n that we watch is on PBS (Dinosaur Train, Barney, and Sesame Street). A while ago I found the 21st century version of Barney…Hip Hop Harry. I watched it because Shane Sparks from SYTYCD was on…later that week he was arrested as a child molester. It was on tv today as we were looking for Barney On Demand. Pea was drawn in by the music so I let her watch it, child molester and all. What struck me most today was the exaggerated “hip hop” movements. What the hell is that?? Is Pea’s innocent bear just another stereotype pimping around in saggy blue jean shorts with a Kangol and a Flava Flav chain?

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