I wish I could even begin to describe how busy I’ve been lately. There has been madness galore…and lots of Peanut to make it all worth it in the end. I have (too) many active scholarly projects all going at the same time and no time to get them done!

When the semester started I promised myself that I would work in the office until noon and then leave to go and work on my own writing…yeah right. It’s December and I think I have yet to do that. I find myself dealing with the madness of WPA-land until I leave to pick Pea up from baby school every day at 4:00-ish (usually closer to 4:30). My one saving grace has been that for the last month KL and I have been meeting from 10-3 on Fridays to just sit together and write. Since she usually gets there at 8:00 I could squeeze in another hour or two if I could just get my butt into gear (ok, actually Pea’s butt) in the mornings. I am promising myself all over again that next semester I will find time to work on my own writing every afternoon and not just one measly day a week!

Now to spend a little time working on a proposal before heading off to bed. And I promise that I won’t spend that time playing Fable III or Torchlight (which is $5 on Steam this weekend) which is my new obsession!