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Counting Down the Days: Extra Life is Looming!


14 days and counting until the Extra Life Marathon! I am excited and feeling more and more insane everyday! You can still sponsor me HERE or other members of Team Purdue HERE. In the meantime, enjoy this little PSA about the work of Extra Life.

Gearing Up for the Extra Life Marathon


So the participants are taking donations and we are plotting food, drink, and comfort for the 24 hour period. I have also set up a Ustream page so that we can live stream the event and folks can make sure that we are keeping it real. The closer it get the more excited and frightened I become! 20 years ago I could have doneĀ  this easy peasy. Now I can only think about what staying up for 24 hours straight is going to do to my body and the fact that I have to stay away from my daughter for 24 hours.

The Ustream channel can be found HERE. The twitter hashtag is #extralifepurdue and you can still sponsor me HERE.

Extra Life: Gaming for a Cause


My beautiful Princess Peanut was born with a duplicate thumb on her right hand. When she was 8 months old she had it removed at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indy. The good Dr. Havlik did her surgery and she still sees him regularly to have her progress evaluated. We have received good care from some of the nicest folks at Riley and I can only imagine how much more comforting that would be if Pea’s condition had been life threatening.

This year I am happy to be able to participate in the Extra Life Charity Marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and Riley.You can find my Extra Life Donation page HERE.

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